Dear Piano Camper's Mom or Dad,

Welcome to my FREE piano camp enrollment page! I'm Zach Tolan, or "Mr. Zach" to my students.

You might be wondering "is this for REAL?!" Yes, it's totally for real! But it's all part of a secret plan... to get your kids so EXCITED about learning piano that they WANT to do it ALL YEAR, year after year!  I have to warn you... I'm good at it, too! Since 2003, I've tricked 1000's of students into liking music! And in just the past 3 weeks, 100's more have been tricked into believing that making music of their own is actually DELIGHTFUL! 

Do you want to know HOW I do it??? I use songs from the things THEY'RE ALREADY OBSESSED WITH... like Disney's FROZEN... and STAR WARS.... and music from MINECRAFT!!! 

And the most clever part of all is that I make the music so EASY TO READ that they just want to keep playing piano, and MORE PIANO, sometimes ALL DAY! Sometimes they even LIKE playing CLASSICAL! Kids in camp just this week ENJOYED playing Für Elise - even though I told them is was 200 years old! Their young minds get twisted so much that, instead of playing video games on your phone or tablet, they'll play BEETHOVEN! Bwa-hahahahahahaha!

They never even see it coming, because I disguise the "class" in one big "fun" and "exciting" social-learning interactive event, full of other friendly kids their age who are eager to share about their lives and are curious to learn about the lives of the others!

And after they participate and share in session after session after session, playing song after song after song, they make friends! They share jokes... and show us their puppies, and toy ponies, and unicorns, and real kittens, and toy guns, and games, and tell us about their birthdays...! We might even SING FOR THEM!

And along the way, they learned SO MUCH MUSIC that now it's become a part of them! It's an EXPERIENCE that can't be taken away, even if you tried! They'll remember that goofy coffee-obsessed music teacher from when they were a kid... and the new skills they found hidden within themselves all along.

And what I see, that they don't, is that each class, they ENTER being one way, and EXIT... changed. A little prouder, a little happier. A little more satisfied.

So, ready to join?! Choose your sessions below to register, then check your email for more details. I'll see you at camp!!!

Be Playful!
Mr. Zach 😃

Camp Starts Monday, August 24, 2020, at special after-school hours for students who have already begun their school year!
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