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How to Get Kids to WANT to Learn Music

(And how to give them a GREAT start once they WANT to!)

For Families & Teachers

In this FREE Instant workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The 3 key ingredients that get kids EXCITED to learn music
  • How to invite kids to TRY piano: What makes a “good” invitation vs. a "bad" one
  • What makes an instrument kids really ENJOY playing, and
  • Pros and cons of different learning environments (and which one 9 out of 10 kids prefer!)
  • And the BIGGEST frustration for most beginners - and how to solve it!

By the end, you’ll know all the important details about how to inspire your special young people to WANT to start music, and what matters most to THEM about making it a GREAT experience!

Follow along with the PDF Quick Sheet, and jump right to the parts you're most interested in!

Plus, you'll get access to a free beginner piano sheet music variety pack you can download and print. You'll also be invited to join my private Facebook group where you can see examples of what my classes are like, and see exciting moments my students wanted to share with our community, like performances of their favorite songs! 

After the workshop, you can put what you learn into practice when your son or daughter is invited to join my next FREE beginner kids piano class!