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It's Kids Piano! Volume 1

Beginner Piano Sheet Music and Lessons for Kids in Letters

Featuring 33 favorite songs kids love to explore,
Hot Cross Buns, to Für Elise, Moonlight Sonata & more!

When music is easy to read, it's more fun to play!
Don't just take it from me... try it today!
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About the Author

Mr. Zach specializes in getting beginners EXCITED to learn how to play piano! He is the author of Kids Piano! Volume 1 and inventor of the patented Exact-Notes award-winning beginner piano notes for kids in letters. He has taught more than fifty thousand lessons & classes. He makes virtual music courses for students in Niles and Hamilton Community Schools in West Michigan where he lives and teaches, and he leads live classroom piano workshops for elementary schools across the country. Mr. Zach has proudly introduced more than 2,500 kids to how to play piano, and taught more than fifty-thousand piano lessons for kids.