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2021 Live Class Schedule

🎵 Kids Piano Volume 1: Mon 6:00-6:25pm ET
🎵 Kids Piano Volume 2: Mon 6:30-6:55pm ET
🎵 Disney Favorites: Wed 6:00-6:25pmET
🎵 Youth Favorites: Wed 6:30-6:55pm ET
🎵 Fur Elise: Tue 6:00-6:25pm ET
🎵 Prelude in C: Tue 6:30-6:55pm ET
🎵 Classical Masterworks: Thur 5:00-5:25pm ET
🎵 Modern Masterworks: Thur 5:30-5:55pm ET

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⭐️ 2021 Live Class Schedule

Kids Piano Volume 1: Mon 6:00-6:25pm ET
Kids Piano Volume 2: Mon 6:30-6:55pm ET
Disney Favorites: Wed 6:00-6:25pmET
Youth Favorites: Wed 6:30-6:55pm ET
Fur Elise: Tue 6:00-6:25pm ET
Prelude in C: Tue 6:30-6:55pm ET
Classical Masterworks: Thur 5:00-5:25pm ET
Modern Masterworks: Thur 5:30-5:55pm ET

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⭐️ Kids Piano! Volume 1

🎵 Best Starter Class for Grades K-2!

Do you want to make piano one of your kids favorite activities? In this high-energy, live interactive class, we'll explore the most popular fun & goofy kids songs from my Kids Piano! Volume 1 together each week!

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Kids Piano! Volume 2 Live Class

⭐️ BEST Starter Class for Grades 3-5!

Ready for more of a challenge? In this live interactive class, we'll master new songs from my Kids Piano Volume 2 method book together each week! 

This class is perfect for beginners in grades 3-5, and younger students who have graduated from Kids Piano, Volume 1!

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Disney Favorites!

⭐️ Best for Disney fans!

Want to play your favorite songs from Disney movies like Moana, Frozen, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, and Lion King? This is the class for you!

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Youth Favorites!

⭐️ Best for fans of adventure movies, video games, and pop hits!

Want to play songs from movies, games, and hits like Harry Potter and Star Wars, Minecraft and Mario, or BTS and Camilla Cabello? This is the class for you!

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Fur Elise! (Beginner)

⭐️ Best for students who have started or Graduated from Kids Piano! Volume 2

This song is so popular with students, it gets its own class! Completing Fur Elise is also the best indicator that your student is ready to move up to intermediate classes like Prelude in C.

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Prelude in C

⭐️ Best for students ready for a slightly harder notation style

Want to join the Modern or Classical Masterworks classes? Successfully learning Prelude in C is the best indicator that you're ready!

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Modern Masterworks Masterclass!

⭐️ Best for students who have completed Prelude in C!

Want to learn the full versions of songs from your favorite modern movies, games, and artists? This class is for students ready for more of a challenge, and is taught in my intermediate and advanced notation styles. 

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Classical Masterworks Masterclass!

⭐️ Best for students who have completed Prelude in C!

Want to play famous masterworks like Moonlight Sonata and Fur Elise? If you're looking for complex and sophisticated musical challenges, this is the class for you!

Why You'll Love it! 🎵

⭐️ Flexible Enrollment 

Start and stop anytime without long-term commitments!

🎹 Personal Class Placement

I make sure each of my students is in the class that's right for them!

✏️ Custom Classes

I'm the author of 100% of my curriculum, including the notation I invented and was awarded a U.S. Patent for in 2018. 

👟 Self-Paced

Learn at your own pace, and graduate to more challenging classes when you're ready!

🎵 1-of-a-Kind Sheet Music

Difficulty learning to read music is the #1 reason that beginners get frustrated or bored and quit. My one-of-a-kind sheet music is the key ingredient to my high-energy classes and enthusiastic learners, & can only be found here!

👨‍🔬 Cutting-Edge Method Books

My favorite invention since my patented music notation, my new method books are a book with a comprehensive virtual course all-in-one! And they're easy enough for 5-year-olds to use! No logins or passwords!

👏 Recitals

Show off your best work each semester! (optional)

 🎉 100% Fun, Guaranteed!

100% Fun-or-Your-Money-Back Guaranteed! 
That's a promise I've made for decades!

🏆 BEST 1st Piano Class, Guaranteed!

First experiences matter. Kids who succeed early and often are on the long-term road to success... and not just in music, but in life. My business is creating fun and educational childhood memories!

🚀 Exceptional Results

Even I'm surprised how much my notation transformed my classes. Some 5-year-olds go from Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to Fur Elise and Moonlight Sonata in their very first year. It's a learning path I still enjoy refining!

❤️ My Favorite Result

This is my 20th year teaching; that's enough time for many of my students to grow up, and keep playing. It shows that - whatever it is I'm doing - it's helping make music a hobby for life. That's my favorite result!

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