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Exact Cello! ⭐️

Why Mr. Zach?

⭐️ Your goals matter to me. I believe the world is a better place when students learn to set good goals and achieve them. Learning music is about far more than just music.

Why Music?

⭐️ Emotional Development The arts are a safe context to practice struggling. Small successes and small failures - major defeats and major triumphs - all happen.
⭐️ Emotional Expression Music is a safe context to encounter, explore, and express a wider range of feelings.
⭐️ Cognitive Development 
Study after study - and personal experience - shows that learning music powerfully improves self-esteem, builds stronger positive self-concept, improves math, logic, emotional control, and emotional well-being. When I saw this, I decided music was my future.

⭐️ Professional Development Good musicians practice being on time and prepared in more ways than one.

What's Included?

✅ Access All Course Resources Beginner-to-advanced course content for students ages 6+
✅ Zoom Practice Sessions Practice together and get one-on-one support Monday-Friday from 10:00-10:30am and 4:00-4:30pm EST
✅ On-Demand Private Lessons Add private lessons when you enroll and schedule them as-needed
✅ Digital Recitals If performing for others is important to you, show off your work with other students every semester!

Why Exact-Notes?

⭐️Fun! When it comes to music, I believe if it's not FUN, it's not worth it!
⭐️ Social, Daily Live Support 
All my students are invited to practice together and with me Monday-Friday at 10am & 4pm EST on Zoom!
⭐️ Comprehensive 
I make learning music from home the most flexible, personal, social, and affordable option. My mix of self-paced step-by-step course resources, daily optional practice sessions, and on-demand private lessons make us successful, together. Ages 6+ start with easy-to-read songs and grow over the years into world-class curriculum. Opt-in or out to digital recitals each semester.
⭐️ Affordable Join any course plus get daily live classroom support for just $24.99/month. Add Weekly Private Lessons for $59.99/month and schedule a 20-minute private lesson each week online or in-person whenever desired: each week, a day in-advance, or even on the same day. Unsubscribe any time, and cancel or reschedule whenever you like with no penalties.

💎 Questions? Contact me!

Zach Tolan
[email protected]
(616) 570-3600
Appointment: www.calendly.com/zi01234

What People Are Saying:

“Annika had a subscription to Yousician, and Kristina had a membership to Piano Maestro. Both of my girls lost interest in their former online music programs very quickly because there was no human component. Your online classroom sessions and private lessons provide the missing piece to online learning. In this age of information, human connection is vitally important, which is why your Exact-Notes program is so unique. It combines a profoundly simple music notation system, the convenience of online learning, and the motivation of having real classmates and a real teacher to connect with daily. (And you can quote me if you want) :-)”

Brooke S, Homeschool Mom

“Zach has been AMAZING for my child. He is patient and able to pull the best out of each student he teaches. He also has a phenomenal way of teaching music. He developed a program that makes it easier for the student to read the music, levels to help them progress and opportunities to interact with other people in live practice sessions. You will not be disappointed if you use him!”

Krystie S., Army Family

“I've shopped around for years for something that was affordable that could really get my kids excited about music. I've never seen another program available where your kids can get such a great music education at an affordable price. It's a homeschool mom's dream come true, it's a one stop shop!”

Laura H., Texas, USA

“My son is loving the cello and I am certain that has a lot to do with Zach’s teaching style. He is a great instructor!”

Tara L., Florida, USA