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Exact Violin! Monthly ⭐️


Included in Exact Violin! Monthly:

⭐️ Easy to Read Songs for Beginners Ages 5+

⭐️ 100's of Beginner-to-Intermediate Songs

⭐️ Classical, Folk, Top Hits, and More

⭐️ Live One-on-One Song Support and Hall of Fame Testing on our Members Only Zoom Classroom, Mon-Fri at 10:00am and 4:00pm EST

⭐️ Inquire for Weekly Online Private Lesson Availability

💎 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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What People Are Saying:

“Annika had a subscription to Yousician, and Kristina had a membership to Piano Maestro. Both of my girls lost interest in their former online music programs very quickly because there was no human component. Your online classroom sessions and private lessons provide the missing piece to online learning. In this age of information, human connection is vitally important, which is why your Exact-Notes program is so unique. It combines a profoundly simple music notation system, the convenience of online learning, and the motivation of having real classmates and a real teacher to connect with daily. (And you can quote me if you want) :-)”

Brooke S, Homeschool Mom

“Zach has been AMAZING for my child. He is patient and able to pull the best out of each student he teaches. He also has a phenomenal way of teaching music. He developed a program that makes it easier for the student to read the music, levels to help them progress and opportunities to interact with other people in live practice sessions. You will not be disappointed if you use him!”

Krystie S., Army Family

“I've shopped around for years for something that was affordable that could really get my kids excited about music. I've never seen another program available where your kids can get such a great music education at an affordable price. It's a homeschool mom's dream come true, it's a one stop shop!”

Laura H., Texas, USA

“Exact-Notes has brought the joy of music to our home. My daughter struggled learning how to play her violin until she found the Exact-Notes format of learning. Their music notation has made it simpler to follow along with songs she enjoys, and the progress is great. To see her proud of learning something new has been a happy moment for the whole family, and it's easy enough to follow even with no musical knowledge that we are able to help with the learning process.”

Trena M., Nova Scotia

“I am 8 and have been using Exact-Notes for over 1 year learning fiddle. The way the music is written out makes it so easy to learn. It's filled with lots of songs to choose from with music and videos to make it fun to try different songs. P.S. Mr. Zach and Mr. Böck are GREAT!”

Lily M., Age 8

“I wish I'd had Exact-Notes 30 years ago when I started playing violin. I played nothing but boring scales for almost a year, but my daughter is already playing almost a dozen songs after just a few months! She's so much more motivated to play with Exact-Notes.”

Matthew R., Hamilton, MI