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If you're brand new here, hello and welcome! I'm Mr. Zach 😃

End-of-Year recitals are done! (Explore this page to see some of my favorite performances from this year! Congratulations, students!) 

That also means Piano Camps are starting soon! 

Disney, Hamilton, Minecraft, and Fur Elise are dominating votes this year! And I'll be doing lots of camps for brand new beginners in grades K-5 again!

Camps Begin June 21, 2021!

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What's the Secret to a Great Start in Music? FUN!

For kids, that means playing the songs they love. 

For the youngest beginners, like 3-year-old Jacob, that means songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Check out his first recital after 1 week of Piano Camp!


And here is his twin brother, Zachary, playing Hot Cross Buns!


Reading traditional sheet music is the #1 difficulty that stops most beginners from playing the songs of their dreams - which destroys their motivation, makes practicing a pain, and leads to quitting. 

But music only uses letters A, B, C, D, E, F, and G... It it seemed to me like it should be easy enough for 3-year-olds!

That's why about 10 years ago, I started writing music in plain, simple English, so even my youngest students (like Krishna, age 5) could play songs they know and love

That changed everything

When music was easier to read, I was surprised to also find

  • Students practiced more because they could practice songs they loved, on their own, frustration-free
  • parents with zero musical experience were able to help
  • siblings wanted to start learning, too
  • AND, students wanted more challenging music!

My older students - Elementary and Middle Schoolers - were able to start learning piano with their favorite songs!

Motivation goes through the roof when they're instantly playing:

  • Disney favorites, like MoanaBeauty and the Beast, Lion King, or Frozen...

(Check out Shradhha playing All is Found!)

  • Video game music like Super Mario, Minecraft, Halo...
  • Top hits like Havana, Despacito, Old Town Road...
  • Artists like Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Queen...
  • Musicals like The Greatest Showman, The Sound of Music, and Hamilton...
  • Movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars....

(Check out Lucas performing The Imperial March)


Over time, it evolved into 3 forms that transition students into good old-fashioned, standard, classical notation.

(All while learning songs they love! For a step-by-step guide to how Exact-Notes works, click here!)

Remember Krishna, age 5, from earlier? In less than 1 year, she went from the easiest to the most advanced notes.

By October (month 3) she started Fur Elise.


By November, she started Moonlight Sonata


And by February, she began Prelude in B-Flat, by J.S. Bach.

In 2018, I was awarded a patent for my new system by the U.S. Patent Office, which opened the door to more innovations...

I started making virtual music courses for Hamilton and Niles Community Schools here in West Michigan.

Last year, I started hosting live, interactive group piano classes for kids across the country!

Since then, the notes I use with my beginners have become one of the core components of my Exact-Notes Piano Method.

It's not just about changing the notes. It works by putting back into balance the amount of work a child is willing to do for the type of goal they want to achieve. 

For many of my students, it all started with a 5-day piano camp!

So if you'd like to hear about camps happening this Summer, or school year classes before they open for registration in the Fall, add your name and email to my list!

Let's be PLAYFUL!
Zach Tolan ("Mr. Zach") 🎵☕️

Camps Begin June 21, 2021!

Register here to hear about them before enrollment opens!


New innovations are STILL coming.

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