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Dear Parents & Students,

Hello, I'm Mr. Zach! 😃 

 My Exact-Notes Method was awarded a U.S. Patent in 2018, which is when I started making virtual courses for kids at Hamilton and Niles Community Schools here in West Michigan, where I live and teach.

With Exact-Notes, my students get to learn songs they know and love, written in notes they can easily read, in a system that gradually introduces the symbols of standard notation. It's the best of both worlds: We (parents and teachers) give our kids constructive challenges they enjoy, and kids get to feel great about learning songs they love!

The #1 difficulty with starting music is learning to read notes. When it takes years of practice to read music, most kids get frustrated, bored, and quit before getting to play the songs of their dreams. Basically, standard music notation wasn't designed for kids; but Exact-Notes is. 

Teaching kids music is my passion in life! So, if you're looking for a way to bring the joy of learning music into your home, I hope you'll explore each of the pages I've prepared to help introduce you to the opportunities for your kids, especially Success Stories, Live Classes, and My Story

Then, if you'd like to see what opportunities there are for your son or daughter to join, reach out to me and we'll take it from there together!

Playful wishes!
Mr. Zach 😃
[email protected]