Welcome to Exact-Notes!

Piano courses and resources

Welcome to Exact-Notes!

To see online live piano class options for your K-12 son or daughter, see  Fall Classes. For school music curriculum inquiries, please email me!

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Classroom Piano!

A New Classroom Music Experience!

If you can read letters "ABCDEFG", then YOU can start playing piano!

Music anyone can read is also music anyone can teach, including preschool and elementary teachers with no prior experience!

To make piano a "playful" new addition to your lesson plans, contact me at [email protected]


Piano for Kids!

Kids Piano Volumes 1-3 are full of the most popular kids songs, arranged in educational themes, level by level!

The patent-award winning sheet music is just one part of a complete set of method books used by families, teachers, and schools to bring piano to life!

Intermediate Notation for Advancing Students

Watch the video for the first lesson in my Intermediate series on the Prelude in C, by J.S. Bach.


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