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What's Included

What's Included

What's Included

What's Included

What's Included

What's Included

"I've shopped around for years for something that was affordable that could really get my kids excited about music. I've never seen another program available where your kids can get such a great music education at an affordable price. It's a homeschool mom's dream come true, it's a one stop shop!"

Laura H. - Parent
Texas, USA

"I wish I'd had Exact Notes 30 years ago when I started playing violin. I played nothing but boring scales for almost a year, but my daughter is already playing almost a dozen songs after just a few months! She's so much more motivated to play with Exact Notes."

Matthew R. - Parent
Michigan, USA

"I am 8 and have been using Exact Notes for over 1 year learning fiddle. The way the music is written out makes it so easy to learn. I've also been using the Exact Violin website. It's filled with lots of songs to choose from with music and videos to make it fun to try different songs. P.S. Zach and Mr. Böck are GREAT!"

Lily M. - 8 Years Old
Nova Scotia, Canada

"Exact-Notes has brought the joy of music to our home. My daughter struggled learning how to play her violin until she found the Exact-Notes format of learning. Their notation of music has made it simpler to follow along with songs she enjoys, and the progress is great. To see her proud of learning something new has been a happy moment for the whole family, and it's easy enough to follow even with no musical knowledge that we are able to help with the learning process."

Trena M.
Nova Scotia, Canada

"Zach was my teacher 16 years ago and I still remember how different his lessons were from my previous 3 teachers. He showed me how to be creative with music instead of just playing the notes on the page. Now that he's started Exact-Notes, I'm even more excited to play violin than when I was a kid. There are a hundred reasons why I want to convince other people to use this!"

Barbie B.
Michigan, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Exact-Notes is a set of virtual music courses for stringed instruments. It features an easy-to-read music notation that was originally designed for kids as young as 4 to read and play songs on their own.

It soon became clear that when a music notation works well for very young kids, it works even better for older students, like teen or adult beginners, students with special needs, and families who want to learn music from home but have no prior experience. When paired with step-by-step tutorials and a package of one-on-one private lessons, we believe it is among the world's leading learn-from-home music courses!

It can work better. Imagine a regular paperback piano lesson book: then add measure by measure video tutorials to every page --- and video snippets of the world's best performances to illustrate multiple versions of the song --- and practice  tracks at multiple tempos ---  and a place to leave comments that get emailed to your teacher that minute --- and the option to schedule a lesson later that day or week, whenever you want or need, and only if you want... and that's just some of Exact-Notes.

Some aspects of our method are so innovative that in 2018 we were awarded a US patent with 48 innovative claims, all of which are designed to make learning music easier, which makes it accessible to more people - even online.

Exact-Notes works for beginner-to-advanced music. If you're an older beginner, you'll love how easy it makes playing very advanced music, so you can start playing some of history's favorite songs in days or weeks - like Für Elise and Moonlight Sonata - instead of years with traditional methods.

Yes! Our secret ingredient is our easy-to-read music notation. Most people think that playing an instrument is hard, but don't give much thought to how hard reading standard music is. We think that most instruments are actually pretty easy to play. When music is easier to read, it's easier to play!

Exact-Notes has helped private students learn stringed instruments for several years, starting around 2014, although 2018 is our first year publicly offering courses. We're extra committed to doing everything possible to make it successful for our founding members!


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