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I want YOU to feel the joy of playing music!

Hi, I'm Zach Tolan. I've taught online music courses for Hamilton and Niles Community Schools in West Michigan since 2018.

My passion is to make playing music as easy as possible for YOU!

That's why I took all I knew about stringed instruments and invented the world's easiest and most precise way to read sheet music for major string instruments like piano, guitar, violin, cello, and ukulele. 

I call it Exact-Notes. Try it!

Exact Piano! ⭐

Ages 5-Adult | Self-Paced

Piano is both the most simple and complex piece of musical machinery ever made. I wish I started it first. Young or old, piano is my constant delight. Let's play!

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Exact Guitar! ⭐

Ages 6-Adult | Self-Paced

Classical, acoustic, and electric guitar are among the most popular instruments of all time because they're easy to start, then intrigue for life. Let's play!

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Exact Ukulele! ⭐

Ages 6-Adult | Self-Paced

Guitar's baby cousin is one of the easiest ways to test the waters of music. Hyper-portable, super affordable, and so cute that I still have a hard time taking it seriously... but I've never regretted an hour spent with this little friend. Let's play!

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Exact Violin! ⭐

Ages 6-Adult | Self-Paced

I love music, and I loved violin first. Many of my fondest childhood memories involve struggling with this piece of wood. If this is your personal development tool-of-choice, then let's play!

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Exact Cello! ⭐

Ages 6-Adult | Self-Paced

Cello was my second musical love. Like many cellists, I was lured in by the sound, then captivated by its high-sensory, full-body playing experience. Practicing cello is a constant balance of strength and beauty. Like all of my instruments, I wish I started younger. Let's play!

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 What does Exact-Notes offer?

Exact-Notes started as easy-to-read sheet music for stringed instruments -  easier than most people imagine is possible - even for the youngest learners, students with special needs, music therapy, and most commonly, families who want to learn from home but have little or no prior experience.

Why haven't you seen it before? Because it was just patented in 2018, and it's only found here!

Since 2018, Exact-Notes has grown into a thriving community of beginner-to-advanced student musicians finding joy and success in learning music from home. 

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