Learning Music is a Healthy Challenge for Your Brain that Builds Confidence, Self-Esteem, Discipline, & a Skill You Can Enjoy Forever!

That's why Exact-Notes exists. Welcome! - Mr. Zach
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Hi, I'm Zach Tolan.

Watch this for a quick introduction to my program & to learn the #1 way I help beginners succeed at piano!


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Music is a special challenge with special rewards.

⭐️ it's good for your brain
⭐️ it builds confidence
⭐️ it improves self-esteem, and
⭐️ it opens doors to new friends & experiences

That's why learning music is one of the most positive things you can do from the comfort of home.


Resources for All Ages, Interests, & Skill Levels

Live Classes

Virtual Courses

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Who is this for?

✅ Families with kids ages 5 and up
✅ Beginner-to-Advanced Students of All Ages looking for deeply motivating learning experiences
✅ Private Teachers wanting easy-to-learn / easy-to-teach resources for your students
✅ Classroom Teachers wanting lesson plans, sheet music, and tutorials for a traditional or flipped-classroom K-12 piano labs
✅ Schools wanting new piano labs and curricula for classrooms as young as Pre-K

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[FREE PDF] 3 Keys to a GREAT Start to Piano!

Avoid these common pitfalls to replace beginner frustrations with enthusiasm & success! You'll learn:

#1. How to position piano as "playing" (not "learning")
#2. The top qualities in a piano or keyboard students will love playing, and 
#3. What learning formats work BEST for different goals

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Patent Award-Winning Music System

Zach Tolan's music notation systems for stringed instruments and piano were awarded a U.S. Patent in 2018, granting him protection on exclusive use until 2038.

That's why the resources you see are only found here and through approved distributors.

Education Informed by Neuroscience

It takes a trained eye to spot why Exact-Notes works so well...

See how Dr. Ilana Levy-Paris (neuropsychologist) compares the science of learning English to her daughter's experience learning piano with Exact-Notes.


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You don't have to be a neuroscientist to appreciate Exact-Notes

See how Shweta Padaki describes her family's experience skyrocketing to intermediate piano in months instead of years with her 5 year old.