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Hi, I'm Mr. Zach and I LOVE teaching music!

To understand why my program is different, take a minute to learn how piano used to be taught compared to how it is now, then see my free starter piano lessons or available programs to get started TODAY!

Why Exact-Notes is Different

Most people already agree that piano is the BEST foundational instrument. What most people don't realize is that it's also one of EASIEST to play - even for young beginners. Just touch a key and it makes sound! (Try it with the keyboard on the screen!)

So if piano is SOOOO important and SOOOO easy, why isn't it taught in schools?  And why does everyone feel like they need private lessons to learn it???

Because in the past pianos were too big to fit 25 of them into a single classroom, so smaller instruments were better for schools, making piano mostly available for families who could afford private lessons.

But it turns out, when you take the "group" out of learning, it's not nearly as FUN as being part of a team! Just imagine how much more fun sports, dance, and martial arts are because you get to learn together with others!

How Times Have Changed...

Only very recently, technology has made it possible to teach piano both online AND in groups together with other students.

And since group classes are less expensive than private lessons, it's actually more affordable to join multiple classes per week - or to get multiple kids involved. That means more learning for less cost!

Add to the mix the option to use a virtual course for students to use independently or between classes, and learning piano has transformed into a much more social, more affordable, and higher quality learning experience than ever before!

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