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Dear Families,

Hello! I'm Zach Tolan, or "Mr. Zach" to my students. My Exact-Notes Method is essentially a way for young kids to learn piano by playing popular kids songs, classical favorites, and songs from their favorite shows, movies, and games. It works by writing music in notes that are easier for young kids to read. As their skills improve, I gradually introduce more of the symbols and rules of standard music notation. Basically, standard music notation wasn't designed for kids; Exact-Notes is. 

My Exact-Notes Method was awarded a U.S. Patent in 2018, which is when I started making virtual courses for kids at Hamilton and Niles Community Schools here in West Michigan, where I live and teach.

By teaching songs kids love in notes they can easily read, students get to enjoy the challenge of actually playing piano instead of the challenge of learning to read notes. When music is easier to read, it's amazing how much more they like to practice, and how much more challenging their music can be. It's the best of both worlds: Parents and teachers get kids who want an educational challenge, while kids get to play music they want to play.

My real goal isn't to create concert pianists. (I'm not one!) But rather, my goal as a teacher is to help impart life-long enthusiasts of music. (I AM one!) If learning music is something your kids want to learn as an interest that challenges them and gives them new experiences they can be proud of, then you're in the RIGHT place! 

Playful wishes!
Zach Tolan ("Mr. Zach") ☕️

Why You'll Love it! 🎵

⭐️ Flexible Enrollment

Start and stop any time without long-term commitments!

🎹 Personal Class Placement

I make sure each of my students is in the class that's right for them!

✏️ Custom Classes

I hand-make 100% of the curriculum for each class, including the notation I invented and was awarded a U.S. Patent for in 2018. 

👟 Self-Paced

Learn at your own pace, and graduate to a more challenging class when you're ready!

🎵 1-of-a-Kind Sheet Music

Learning to read music is the #1 difficulty that makes kids dislike practicing and want to quit lessons. My 1-of-a-kind sheet music is the key ingredient to my high-energy classes full of enthusiastic learners, and can only be found here!

👨‍🔬 Cutting-Edge Method Books

My new method books are an innovation in curriculum design on par with my patented music notation. They are a seamlessly integrated all-in-one book and virtual course easy enough for 5-year-olds!

👏 Recitals

Show off your best work each semester! (optional)

 🎉 100% Fun, Guaranteed!

100% Fun-or-Your-Money-Back Guaranteed! 
That's a promise I've made for decades!

🏆 BEST 1st Piano Class, Guaranteed!

First experiences matter. Kids who succeed early and often are on the long-term road to success... and not just in music, but in life. I'm in the business of creating FUN childhood memories spent learning.

🚀 Exceptional Results

Even I'm amazed how much my notation transformed my own teaching. Sometimes, 5-year-olds go from Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, to pop songs, to classical masterworks like Fur Elise and Moonlight Sonata in their very first year. It's a learning trajectory I'm still enjoying improving and refining.

❤️ My Favorite Result

This is my 20th year teaching; that's enough time for many of my students to grow up, and keep playing. It shows me that whatever it is I'm doing, it's helping make music a hobby for life. That's my favorite result.

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