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first started teaching in 2001,
And quickly learned teaching was my kind of FUN!

But for young students, I found music was too hard to read...
I wondered "If it was simpler, would they learn with more speed?"

Want to know what happened when music was easier to play?
Kids wanted to play more and more songs each day!

It took many years to invent music that kids LOVED to read...
But it worked! They learned with more EASE, FUN, & SPEED!

It was awarded a Patent in 2018:
For innovation, usefulness & novelty!

That's how Exact-Notes began, basically...
(Hear the "Zach" in EXACT-Notes? It's named after me!)

The method is made but the work's just begun...
So I put effort into books, like Kids Piano! Volume 1

I teach in live classes and make virtual courses,
And for all types of teachers, custom teacher resources.

I'm proud to teach classes now with global reach,
Right here from West Michigan (where I live & teach).

If you have any questions, whether a teacher, dad, or mom,
Email me! [email protected]