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Kids Piano!  ⭐️ 

Best Starter Course for Beginners Ages 5-10

Hi! I'm Mr. Zach. I LOVE helping kids get started with music! After teaching over 60,000 lessons, I've learned that for most kids, the piano is the best instrument to start experiencing the fun of music! And - even for young beginners - piano is the easiest instrument to learn online from the convenience of home!

If you already have a piano or keyboard, your kids could be playing their first songs in the next 10 minutes with a free instant trial to my Kids Piano virtual course! Inside, it has everything you need to get setup, like how to label your keys, printable sheet music, and my best tips on how to set up a music station your kids will love!

In short, Kids Piano is the proven foundation to music where young beginners get a start to piano they'll love!

We'll Learn Songs Like... 

  • Hot Cross Buns, OUCH!
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Jingle Bells
  • Baby Shark
  • Spring (Vivaldi)
  • Ode to Joy (Beethoven)
  • Fur Elise (Beethoven!)
  • Moonlight Sonata (BEETHOVEN!!!)
  • and more!

Get started today!

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Youth Favorites! ⭐️ 

🚀 "What we learn in pleasure, we never forget."

That's why some of kids most MEMORABLE learning experiences come from Youth Favorites! Add rocket fuel to your educational journey with new challenges each month in easy, medium, and hard versions of their favorite songs suitable for most ages and experience levels!

We'll Learn Songs from:

  • Disney Favorites like Frozen, Moana, & Encanto
  • Movies like Harry Potter, Star Wars, & Indiana Jones
  • Video Games like Minecraft, Super Mario, & Halo
  • Modern Artists like Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, & BTS
  • and more!

Check out some performances below!


Classical Piano ⭐️ 

Learn Piano from the Method Used by Beethoven

Get comprehensive mastery of the piano while growing a deeper love and appreciation  for music by studying from the primary method used to teach Beethoven.


Moonlight Sonata, 1st Movement ⭐️ 

"A nocturnal scene, in which a mournful ghostly voice sounds from the distance." - Beethoven

That's how Beethoven described the first movement to his assistant & friend, Carl Czerny. But that's just how the story begins...

Of course, we'll learn how to play Moonlight Sonata. But on the way, we'll also learn the many secret symbols Beethoven left behind for the informed performer to fill in the blanks of a deeper story that blurs the lines between poetry and conventional classical composition.

By the end, you'll have gained rare and exciting insight into the deepest artistic potential of music and will appreciate the genius poet-composer Beethoven in a whole new light.


Für Elise ⭐️ 

"For Elise on 27 April, 1810, In Memory" - Beethoven

In this course, we'll learn the piece as well as the musical symbols Beethoven used to tell the story of this musical eulogy for Elise.

By the end of the course, you'll have an unforgettable appreciation for both Beethoven and his masterpiece, Fur Elise.


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