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Kids Piano! ⭐️ 

Best Beginner-to-Intermediate Classes for Grades K-5

In these high-energy live classes, my goal is to help turn PIANO into one of your new FAVORITE activities!

Each week, I'll introduce your kids note-by-note to popular kids songs and classical favorites from Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, to Baby SharkOde to Joy, Fur Elise, Moonlight Sonata, and more from my book series Kids Piano! Volumes 1-3, written in the patent award-winning music notation I invented to solve the #1 problem for young beginners: Not being able to play songs they enjoy because notes are too hard to read!

In Volume 1, kids get a fast start learning 33 fun and easy melodies for one-hand, while learning how the keyboard arranged, piano posture & technique, how to use our hands & fingers, and develop rhythm & musicality!

In Volume 2, students gain confidence using both hands at the same time with popular melodies and easy beginner left hand harmonies, dynamics, expressions, and ornaments.

In Volume 3, students learned advanced versions of songs using complex intervals and techniques for the left hand such as power chords, root positions, inversions, Alberti bass patterns, counterpoint, and crossovers.

Round out your musical experiences with my Youth Favorites series, and complete your transition to standard notation in my Masterworks series!

Join the Virtual Course ⭐️ $49/month (see details)
Enroll As a Live Class Member ⭐️ $97/mo (see details)

Kids Piano Live Class Schedule

All classes are 30 minutes and in Eastern Time

Download the song and checkpoint challenges checklist

Volume 1 Classes:

Sat 10:00am: Level 3: Song #10
Mon 4:30pm: Level 4: Song #13
Sat 10:30am: Level 7: Song #21
Thur 4:30pm: Level 10, Song #32
Mon 6:00pm: Level 10: Song #33

Volume 2 Classes:

Sat 11:00am: Level 12: Song #38
Tue 4:30pm: Level 14: Song #44
Sat 11:30am: Level 17: Song #54

Volume 3 Classes:

Wed 4:30pm: Level 21: Song #67
Tue 6:00pm: Level 21, Song #67

Disney Favorites! ⭐️

Upper Beginner/Lower Intermediate Classes 

Learn your favorite songs from movies like Frozen, Encanto, Lion King, Moana, Mulan, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and more!

Live Class Schedule: Mondays 6:30-6:55pm ET

Registration is currently closed

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Masterworks Classes ⭐️

Intermediate/Advanced Classes

In these live, interactive classes, students ready for more complex and sophisticated challenges learn masterworks like Bach Preludes, Chopin Nocturnes, Beethoven and Mozart Sonatas, and Ragtime!

Live Class Schedule:

Bach's Beginner Prelude in C Major: Wed 5:00-5:30pm or Thur 6:30-7:00pm ET
Bach's Dark Prelude in D Minor:
Mon 5:30-5:55pm ET

Bach's Challenging Prelude in C Minor: Tue 5:30-5:55pm ET
Chopin's Enchanting Nocturne in E-Flat Major: Thur 5:00-5:25pm ET
Bach's Beautiful Prelude in B-Flat: Thur 5:30-5:55pm ET

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