5 Steps for a Most Memorable Recital Video!

A great recital video is a worthwhile investment you'll enjoy the rest of your life! Here are my top tips for how to make a video you and your child will be proud to share and remember forever!

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1. Make a Great Introduction:

  • Get dressed up! Fun costumes and/or formalwear, depending on YOUR style. Santa hats, props, related toys, and decorations add LOTS of fun! 

  • Introduce your name, age, grade, and the piece they're playing
  • Encourage your student to speak up with a slow, clear, confident voice,
  • Include anything special they'd like the audience to know or notice about THEIR performance of the piece! (Special sound choices, modifications to the original melody, or things to inspire the listener to imagine while listening, etc.!)
  • A recital is also a snapshot in time: Let your teacher and audience know specific things you worked extra hard on, or are hoping to achieve at this performance, like playing without...
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