3 Keys to Give Your Kids a GREAT Start to Music!

3 Keys to Give Your Kids a GREAT Start to Music

 And KEEP it Great Long After Starting!


When learning music, three aspects matter most. If you miss BIG on any one, kids get frustrated and want to quit… But do well on all 3, and you’ll be off to a better-than-average start! Use this as a start-up guide to music with your kids, AND save it for future reference to review the most important aspects in case things start to go bad sometime down the road!

Let's get started!


Key 1: Getting Started…

Some kids start off begging to learn! If that’s NOT your kid, here’s how to successfully invite them to give it a try:

  • Call it “playing songs,” NOT “learning piano.” Kids like “playing” and they like “songs,” so phrasing it like this is speaking their language! (“Learning” might not be their favorite activity… and “piano” is unknown until they’ve tried...
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