How to Get Your Kids to Self-Start their Practice


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What if your kids practiced on their own each day, without being asked or reminded? 

Let me show you how! Follow these steps - and make sure to follow them all!

Step #1. Make it DAILY

Everyone says this... but why? Because if it’s not every day, it’s hard for kids to remember which days are “on” or “off.” (And without Step #1, there can be no Step #5. Keep going!)

Step #2. Choose a Specific Practice Deadline

Habit formation experts call this step "intention setting." Basically, that means pre-determining when, where, and how practice happens. That's fine for regular practice routines where parents usually do the work of keeping every child on-task for every task... But to make it self-initiating practice, you have to reverse the stakes by become the "Fail-Safe" rather than "Order Barker." Here's how:

In this...

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