Feed the Soil

Welcome to The Playful Learner!

I have this blog to collect important thoughts for parents and teachers like you who want to join me on this quest to help kids grow a LOVE for making music!

If we don’t know each other already, my name is Zach Tolan. I’m a father, a teacher, an inventor (of a patented music notation system), and a VERY enthusiastic learner! I’ve taught music for many years, and in that time I've specialized in growing young musicians "from seed," that is to say, being their first teacher. 

(Yes, I grew this basil plant from seed!)

They say in gardening, “Feed the soil, not the plant.” 

You see... we can't force nutrients directly into a plant's roots... but we can put fertilizer in the root's path to help them absorb what they can when they're ready.

We feed the soil to feed the plant.

  • Children are the plants. They have the potential to grow into strong, confident,...
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