BEST Ways to Label Your Piano Keys 🎹

setup Mar 21, 2023
1-Minute Read

Labeling your piano keys is quick and easy! 

We only use the letters "A B C D E F G" and you just have to find the pattern of "2 black keys" and "3 black keys." 

It's easiest to use a dry-erase marker, but make sure to write the letters at the TOP of each key where they can be seen but won't get rubbed off.

If you're feeling artsy-craftsy, check out this video I made on slightly more FUN and CREATIVE ways to make your own labels! 


Best wishes,
Mr. Zach

P.S. It was a HOT summer night when I made this video... Sorry that I look sweaty! I was!

Click here for the labels I use on my keyboard

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